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Darth Hater
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New Recruits: Zero Tolerance is looking for new recruits! We are a mature meaning no drama guild looking to PvP and complete all operations (raids). Ventrilo client is required and instructions to download can be found here. To apply to the guild just create and account here.

Existing Members: Keep recruiting! Lets try to find a few more recruits for the guild. Make sure they create an account on the site and download the vent client and join us.  
Guild News

Coming Up in SWTOR

satorn, Jan 20, 12 10:07 AM.
Check out the latest changes coming to SWTOR!

Patch 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls

satorn, Jan 18, 12 11:54 AM.

Looks like first big patch went in today, but what the heck is a Rakghoul? Check out the link if your into the lore.

Check out the official patch notes here. Looks like biochem and cybertech high end items got nerfed and a new flashpoint for level 50's is available. Looks like a ton of bug fixes went in to.

Guide: Dromund Kaas Datacrons

satorn, Jan 11, 12 3:16 PM.

Good article from Darth Hater regarding Datacrons in Dromund Kaas. Looks like these are worth hunting down because they can give some decent boosts to stats if you get them all across the worlds.

Check out the article here.

Flashpoints List and Levels

satorn, Jan 4, 12 12:25 PM.
For everyone wondering about all the different flashpoints and what level you should be around before trying to tackle them I was able to compile a list from As far as I understand all flashpoints should be accessible via the imperial fleet.
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